“I want to help women to become financially independent, “she says, explaining her plan to open a small shop in Nepalgunj to sell the newly developed Tharu cultural products.Today she has fulfilled her dream and has registered her business with more than 12 women.
“I got involved in cultural promotion becuase I thought it would help my culture to survive for a long time, “Sumitra says proudly. “And if my culture is alive, I am alive.

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Towards tharu basketry

Towards the preservation of Tharu Basketry Culture The Tarai, southern belt of Nepal, is famous for basketry crafts, Mithila arts, and natural fiber floorings. The Tharu women, indigenous in that regi..

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CPLSUW project

The Conservation of Phewa Lake through Sustainable Use of Water Hyacinth (CPLSUW) project focuses to design a possible solution to control the widespread water hyacinth infliction in Phewa Lake by pro..


Nurturing weaving skills

Nurturing weaving skills based on natural fibers: a way towards women empowerment On 25 April, 2015, a powerful earthquake measured 7.3 in Richter scale struck with its epicenter at remote village of ..