Shyam Badan Shrestha

Trailblazing woman entrepreneur Ms. Shyam Badan Shrestha has accumulated vast experience as a teacher, weaver and passionate advocate for women’s economic empowerment. As a dedicated professional, she has largely inspired the NRDC’s vision of developing more independent and self-confident entrepreneurs. Since its inception, the NRDC has matured and operated under her excellent energetic leadership.

Raju Gole

Mr. Raju Gole has more than a decade of experience working with bamboo. Currently, he is involved in interior designing with a special emphasis on traditional Nepali themes.

Sara Subba

Ms. Sara Subba is a researcher and results-oriented professional who has designed and managed development programs while promoting the voices of women, indigenous peoples, and local communities in policy making and civil cooperation. She has extensive experience with diverse development initiatives like agriculture, tourism, irrigation, health, NGO service delivery, natural resource management, climate change, food security, women empowerment, indigenous movements, etc. She has been an active and engaging board member since the inception of the NRDC and now acts as the General Secretary.

Sangeeta Shrestha

Ms. Sangeeta Shrestha supervises the financial system of the NRDC as she has more than a decade of experience with financial management. Currently, she is also employed as the General Manager of Nepal Knotcraft Center, a pioneer enterprise based in natural plant fibers.

Maggie Shah

Ms. Maggie Shah is the President of Himalayan Distilleries, the leading liquor corporate house in Nepal. As a passionate and dedicated board member, Ms Shah has supported several initiatives undertaken by the NRDC. She possesses a high level of philanthropic appreciation and support for the projects focused towards the betterment of women’s livelihoods and locally-based enterprises.

Tsedar Bhutia

Mr. Tsedar Bhutia has about twenty years of experience in rural development involving communities, as well as indigenous and marginalized peoples. His work focuses on environmental conservation and livelihood improvement through participatory planning, implementation, and monitoring approaches. Mr. Bhutia has been successfully implementing projects on building sustainable Allo value chains in the eastern district of Sankhuwasabha.

Hem Tembe

Mr. Hem Tembe has expertise in local resource management, particularly natural resource monitoring, evaluation, and project management. Mr. Tembe has received a Master’s degree in Rural Development from University of East Anglia. He has successfully executed several projects over the past two decades.

Sundar Man Shrestha

Mr. Sundar Man Shrestha is a veteran in financial management and taxation policies.

Shree Kumar Maharjan

Mr. Shree Kumar Maharjan has extensive experience working in national and international organizations. Mr. Maharjan has a strong understanding of the values and principles of the NRDC as he himself contributed immensely during the inception years of the NRDC as Program Manager.

Shuva kantha Sharma

Mr. Shuva kantha Sharma is the CEO of Scott Wilson (SW) Nepal.


Sangam Gurung
Balram Shrestha
Jamuna Parajuli
Anushka Shrestha

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